Trinity is an Evangelical church: The word has a long history and a range of meanings (frequently with unfortunate associations ) but historically an ‘evangelical’ might be most simply defined as ‘a Bible person’ and ‘a gospel person’. We want Trinity to be a Bible church and a gospel church.

In describing ourselves as a Bible church, we are really talking about how we know what we know as Christians and why we believe what we believe. In The Thirty-Nine Articles, which is a summary of the official doctrine of all Anglcan churches, the Bible is described as ‘God’s word written’; it’s what God says to us. That’s why it is our ‘supreme authority’, and everything we do as a church is to be measured against what he has told us in the Bible.  

To be a gospel church means holding fast to certain key truths about human nature and salvation, and holding fast to them not for the sake of theological smugness but because they are ‘good news’ of which the Bible speaks and which we are to proclaim to a lost world. We believe that God has placed us here in Lancaster to share this gospel.

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