Mathew 6:9-13 The Lord’s Prayer

Matthew 6:9  Our Father in Heaven

Matthew 6:9   Hallowed Be Thy Name

Matthew 6:10    Thy Kingdom Come

Matthew 6.10   Thy Will Be Done

Matthew 6.11   Give Us Today Our Daily Bread

Matthew 6.12   Forgive Us Our Debts

Matthew 6.12   As We Have Forgiven Our Debtors

Matthew 6.13  Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Matthew 1-4 : Bin Your Plastic Jesus

Matthew 1:1-17   What is in a genealogy?

Matthew 1:18-24  The Mission of Jesus

Matthew 2:1-12   The Soverignty of Jesus

Matthew 2:12-23  Out of Africa

Matthew 3:1-12  A Voice in the Dessert

Matthew 3:13-17  This is my Son

Matthew 4:1-11  Temptation in the Wilderness

Matthew 4:12-25  A Light Has Dawned

Christmas 2017 : The King Has Come 

Matthew 1:1-17   What’s in a name?

Matthew 1:18-25  God with us!

Matthew 5-7 : Living in the Kingdom

Matthew 5:1-12  Kingdom Life

Matthew 5:13-20   Kingdom Distintives

Matthew 5:21-48   Be Perfect!

Matthew 6:1-18    Kingdom Spirituality

Matthew 6:19-24   Kingdom Treasure

Matthew 6:25-34   Kingdom Concerns

Matthew 7:1-12   Kingdom Judgements

Matthew 7:13-29   Kingdom Decisisons

Matthew 5-7: Living in the Kingdom

Matthew 8-10:  The Authority of the King

Matthew 11-13  Divine Encounters

Matthew 8-10: The Authority of the King

Matthew 8:1-13   "If you are willing …”

Matthew 8:14-22  "He took our infirmities”

Matthew 8:23-9:1   “What kind of man is this?’

Matthew 9:1-17   When two worlds collide

Matthew 9:17-34   Momentous news

Matthew 9:35-10.15  The Missioner, The Missionaries  and The Mission

Matthew 10:16-33   Opposition will come: Do not fear!

Matthew 11-13  Divine Encounters

Matthew 11:1-11      Don’t stumble!   

Matthew 11:20-24   Don’t miss out!

Matthew 12:1-14  Don’t get Jesus wrong!

Matthew 12:15-21  The Beloved & Just Son

Matthew 12:22-37  No fence to sit on

Matthew 13:38-50  Talking about my generation

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