Matthew 1-4 : Bin Your Plastic Jesus

Matthew 1:1-17   What is in a genealogy?

Matthew 1:18-24  The Mission of Jesus

Matthew 2:1-12   The Soverignty of Jesus

Matthew 2:12-23  Out of Africa

Matthew 3:1-12  A Voice in the Dessert

Matthew 3:13-17  This is my Son

Matthew 4:1-11  Temptation in the Wilderness

Matthew 4:12-25  A Light Has Dawned

Christmas 2017 : The King Has Come 

Matthew 1:1-17   What’s in a name?

Matthew 1:18-25  God with us!

Matthew 5-7 : Living in the Kingdom

Matthew 5:1-12  Kingdom Life

Matthew 5:13-20   Kingdom Distintives

Matthew 5:21-48   Be Perfect!

Matthew 6:1-18    Kingdom Spirituality

Matthew 6:19-24   Kingdom Treasure

Matthew 6:25-34   Kingdom Concerns

Matthew 7:1-12   Kingdom Judgements

Matthew 7:13-29   Kingdom Decisisons

Matthew 5-7: Living in the Kingdom

Matthew 8-10:  The Authority of the King

Matthew 11-13  Divine Encounters

Matthew 8-10: The Authority of the King

Matthew 8:1-13   "If you are willing …”

Matthew 8:14-22  "He took our infirmities”

Matthew 8:23-9:1   “What kind of man is this?’

Matthew 9:1-17   When two worlds collide

Matthew 9:17-34   Momentous news

Matthew 9:35-10.15  The Missioner, The Missionaries  and The Mission

Matthew 10:16-33   Opposition will come: Do not fear!

Matthew 11-13  Divine Encounters

Matthew 11:1-11      Don’t stumble!   

Matthew 11:20-24   Don’t miss out!

Matthew 12:1-14  Don’t get Jesus wrong!

Matthew 12:15-21  The Beloved & Just Son

Matthew 12:22-37  No fence to sit on

Matthew 13:38-50  Talking about my generation

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