We love having students as part of our church family.  Around a dozen or so graduates and post-grads have us as their spiritual home in Lancaster. If you’re looking for a Bible-centred church where rather than being one of a crowd you can be one of the church family then Trinity might be worth giving a try.  We seek to know you individually, love you, teach you, look after you… oh and feed you; we’re big on food at Trinity!

Student group

During University terms we have a weekly Sunday night group called Student Plus helping you be firmly rooted during your time at Uni.

Getting involved

Because we view our students as part of the church family, we encourage you to get involved in all aspects of church family life.  This includes being part of our midweek groups and serving within the church family.  Some students are involved in the music group, others with setup and others as part of the welcome team.

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