Would you like one our current students to welcome you to Lancaster? Just send us your details and they'll be in touch.

Why Trinity?

We love having students as part of the Trinity family and helping you make the best of your time here in Lancaster. If you’re looking for a Jesus loving, bible-centred church where, rather than being one of a crowd you are an important part of the church family then we suggest you give Trinity a try. We seek to get to know you as  individuals, look after you, teach you about Jesus and equip you for a lifetime… oh and feed you; we’re big on food. 

There is lots going on (at Uni and in church life) and so you will need to be discerning about how to spend your time. Poke about the website, meet one of our students for a chat, and work out how we can best serve you - and you us - during your time in Lancaster.

Finding Us And Getting Involved.

You’ve clearly already found us, but (thankfully) there is much more to church life together than streamed services and Zoom meetings, and so we’d love to meet you face to face. 

From this September we will gather again physically on Wednesday evenings at St John The Evangelist in Ellel from 8:00-9:00. St John’s is a short ten minute walk from the Lancaster Uni campus. Booking is sadly essential as places are limited (and as part of our compliance to the Covid-19 regulations). Be good to reserve your place now - and why not bring a friend along too?

Whats about Covid-19?

Life in Lancaster is be a bit different at the moment, so we are putting together a programme for the Autumn to welcome all new arrivals (and returnees) to Lancaster. Check back here or follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with the plans.   


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